Easter bunny handprint art!

I’ve gotta say, we rocked out some pretty awesome Easter bunny art this weekend.  Thanks to Pinterest, we were inspired to make some hand print Easter bunnies, and I think they turned out great!

We used regular white craft paint, and painted her hand, minus the thumb.  This may have been her favorite part.

bunnies 0

We used a sponge brush to paint her hand, then a dab of pink craft paint for the ears.  Add some googly eyes and puff balls for the nose (OK, maybe THIS was the new favorite part)…

bunnies 1

We used a sharpie for the finishing touches, including the bunny glass slippers…

bunnies 2

…which turned out to be high heels.  Here’s the final product, which I adore!  Happy Easter!



Potato Stamps

I love potato soup.  When it’s cold out, I buy bags of potatoes on autopilot, never seeming to realize that I’ve stocked the closet with enough to feed an army, not three people.  So, what’s a girl to with a bag of aging potatoes?


 Raw potatoes make a great stamp, perfect for little hands.  Martha Stewart has a great tutorial online here.

Here’s another great one from 350.org


papier-mache love

I always forget how much I love papier-mâché.  I have very fond memories of covering my hands balloon mold in elementary art class.  I still love everything about it- they way the paper and glue smell, how squishy and pliable the paper gets.  And I am still amazed at how sturdy that little heap of paper becomes after drying.

I haven’t exposed Emma to the wonderful world of paper-mâché yet. but I think it’s time.  Rest assured pictures will follow on Monday if I do.

Today I’m sharing a link to some fun paper-mâché tutorials.  This should get you through the weekend, don’t you think?

  • Click on the balloon for a hat tutorial geared for kids: