Potato Stamps

I love potato soup.  When it’s cold out, I buy bags of potatoes on autopilot, never seeming to realize that I’ve stocked the closet with enough to feed an army, not three people.  So, what’s a girl to with a bag of aging potatoes?


 Raw potatoes make a great stamp, perfect for little hands.  Martha Stewart has a great tutorial online here.

Here’s another great one from 350.org


Isaac Salazar

I’ve seen this technique done before, but none as well as his .  If you enjoy, check out his website!


Flying Wish Paper

Welcome 2013!  Today I discovered something called Flying Wish Paper.  The idea is simple: you take this special paper, write down a wish, dream or goal- anything- then set it on fire and watch it fly away! What a beautiful and fun way to say goodbye to 2012 and send our pledges and resolutions for the new year up to the sky!

Click on the image to go to their website and learn more.  Warning!  This is NOT for children!!