Action Pack: a mini-mag for kids

Action Pack is a printable, downloadable  mini-magazine for kids.  It’s full of ideas for kids that want to DO things!  There’s no advertising and 60 pages of ideas for kids including art and crafts, science projects and recipes.  For only $6, it’s a great deal!







Who doesn’t a good tent?  Em just received an early present from Santa (thanks Stephanie!), and we’ve been spending pretty much all our time in it.  Of course, we barely fit- what with her tea set, monkeys and babies, blankets, vacuum etc.  I started thinking about it last night- how I’d love to make her some giant, cavernous tent system in her room.  Or at least an area for us to stretch out in.

I kinda love this tent featured on Design Sponge (bonus tutorial attached!)…

Something like this would be fun…

this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/uglyisthenewpretty/4282962834/

I’m starting to see a pattern…

Maybe I’ll get to working after Christmas.  Do you have any special reading areas or tent ideas to share?  I’m ready!