Devotion by James Roper

So I love making origami cranes.  I can get in a mode and make 15-20 in one sitting, no problem.  James Roeper had taken it to the next level.  X 100.  He’s been making 10 origami flowers per day, EVERY day, for THREE YEARS!  That’s pretty amazing!

Check out James Roper’s Devotion below.  Then go look at his other art work here.






pyramid ornament/gift box

Thanks to Etsy’s awesome How-To Tuesday’s for sharing this video on how to make a pyramid gift box that doubles as an ornament.  Fun things to do with them:

  • make a GIANT one with poster paper and put a stuffed animal in it.   Lower one flap like a door for them to come in and out of.
  • Instead of leaving a plate of cookies out for Santa, fill your boxes with cookies, hang them all over the tree, and make Santa hunt for them.
  • Unconventional jewelry gift box.
  • Fill boxes with a small dessert or after dinner treat and decorate your table setting with little gifts on each plate.

Any more ideas?  Share them in the comments section below!